Hagerstown City Council

March 27, 1997

Ice rink work to start in April

Construction of an ice rink at the Hagerstown Fairgrounds should begin in April, said Deborah Everhart, the city's economic development coordinator and zoning administrator.

Hagerstown City Council members voted 4-1 on Tuesday night to accept a $1.2 million construction contract with Myers Building Systems Inc. That acceptance is subject to review and approval by the city engineer and city attorney.

Councilman Lewis Metzner cast the lone dissenting vote. Metzner said he wasn't sure why the council members should authorize the contract if they don't know yet whether the Washington County Sports Foundation has raised its share of the funding.


The construction contract would be with the nonprofit foundation, which will operate the rink after its scheduled opening in August.

City Finance Director Al Martin said the foundation met its first funding benchmark by raising $600,000 in cash and in-kind donations.

TV journalist makes appeal

A local television anchorwoman asked Hagerstown officials on Tuesday night to reimburse her $35 because they forgot to remind her about an unpaid parking ticket.

Sue Bevine, of WHAG-TV, said she didn't receive a reminder notice for the ticket, which was a year old. Her reminder came when she went to the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles to register a vehicle and was charged a $20 penalty.

Bevine asked to be reimbursed for the state fee as well as for $15 in late fees from the city.

She conceded that it was her responsibility to remember to pay the parking ticket, but that people have busy lives and don't always remember. She said this is the second time this has happened to her.

"And being a starving journalist at WHAG, $35 is a lot of money," Bevine said.

Austin Abraham, the city's project coordinator, said Bevine's request will be considered.

While the city doesn't issue follow-up notices for unpaid parking tickets now, a system will be set up to remind people in the future, said City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman.

Carriage rides will resume

Hagerstown City Park visitors will continue to have the opportunity to take carriage rides through the park for another year.

On Tuesday, City Council members extended Kerfoot Livery Service's contract to provide the rides for another year starting June 1, said Public Works Director Doug Stull.

Rates for a short ride around the park are $3 each for adults and $2 each for children, Stull said. The cost of a longer ride around the park and Hager House ranges from $6.50 to $11 each.

Appointments are approved

Hagerstown City Council members approved several appointments to city boards and commissions on Tuesday night.

Councilwoman Susan Saum-Wicklein abstained from a 4-0 vote to reappoint William C. Wantz and Fay L. Smith to three-year terms on the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Saum-Wicklein said she abstained because Wantz represents a firm she and family members have filed a judgment against.

Unanimously approved were:

  • Reappointing Dennis C. Miller, Frederick A. Nugent and Douglas S. Wright Jr. for five years to the Planning Commission.
  • Appointing Linda Baughman and Richard Reichenbaugh for two years to the Board of Parks.
  • Reappointing James C. Bryan for five years to the Board of Technical Appeals.

North End lights to be fixed

Several pedestrian lights in the North End will be replaced this summer, said Hagerstown City Light Manager Terry Weaver.

The lighting system was installed around 1930, so all new wiring, poles and foundations will be installed for about $60,000 to $65,000, Weaver said.

The lights are in the 800 and 900 blocks of The Terrace, the 800, 900, and 1000 blocks of Oak Hill Avenue and a portion of Prospect Avenue.

Work should begin in June and be finished in about a month, he said.

City Council members approved a $53,025 contract with Union Metal Corp., of Canton, Ohio, for the poles as well as several other items in a 5-0 vote on Tuesday night.

Betterment fund is slated

Hagerstown City Council members took another step on Tuesday toward creating a betterment fund that could be tapped for special projects in the city.

Council members approved policies for the fund and the funding mechanism by separate 5-0 votes on Tuesday.

City Light is expected to contribute $400,000 toward the fund from last fiscal year, said City Finance Director Al Martin. How city officials plan to spend that money will be determined in the upcoming budget.

Eventually, the host fee from 1st Urban Fiber also will become part of the betterment fund. The paper recycling company's contribution is expected to be $300,000 a year from a negotiated host fee that the company will pay the city for granting 1st Urban the right to build here.

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