A prescription for better government

March 25, 1997

The Bible played a great part in the struggle for American Independence. The various factors that led the colonists to face the cannon was Rome, because it was a model for law, style and life. The Good Book was crucial, and credit the "Bible-pounding preachers" for playing a key role in this endeavor.

It was the word of God more than anything else that brought the American Revolution. Its precepts of righteousness, its repudiation of tyranny, its comfort in suffering and its assurance that God was with Israel gave the colonists their faith and courage to pursue the cause of liberty until final victory.

The church among the two and one-half million residents of these (13) colonies was the center of activity and action.

The town meetings were held periodically, but the church doors were open every Sunday. The whole town went to church to hear the preacher and to get the latest reports of the messengers who came riding through on horseback. They were recruits for the Continental Army. The whole history is a glorious testimony to the burning truth in the hearts of men and the love of liberty breaking through the firearms of patriots. Take the dollar sign from the preachers today and see how many will be in the churches of our nation.


Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, was a student of the Bible but there are many revolutionaries and terrorist groups that will do anything to degrade our forefathers. He knew or had suspicion that a corrupt political ministry back in England, already cracking down on the colonies with restrictive and punitive legislation, was also plotting to augment and extend the power of the established Anglican church in order to narrow the colonists' religious freedoms.

If this Declaration was going to mean anything after he wrote it, then the colonies had to sign it to make it law. The signatures of clergymen delegates like the Presbyterian Rev. John Witherspoon would be instrumental in getting the public behind the thing. If Jefferson was himself religiously adrift, most American colonists in 1776 were, and always had been, professing Christians who looked to the Bible for guidance in times of crisis and today we are in the biggest crisis in our life.

Ever since the Pilgrims came over to set up a community that would be a model of Christian virtue, like a city on a hill, Americans had viewed themselves as latter-day heirs to the biblical Israelites. A people who had a special covenant with God. Yes God had a covenant with them as there were Calvinists, Puritans, a covenant people determined to develop a new form of government without kings and established churches.

They learned their lessons from the bitter school of experience. They studied the histories of governments.

Our colonists were fully aware of the depravity of man and the judgment of God against the sin of men and nations. Thus they established only a federal union with limited powers, and they constructed a government of separate and sovereign states having three branches of government all separate on both the state level and also on the federal level.

These checks and balances were written into law in their Constitution to protect them from the wicked hearts of men. After 200 years, the wickedness of men is still at work, and it is this corruption and sin that is eroding and destroying these protections and the sacred rights that they were designed to perpetuate.

Again it is the Bible to which the men of this present generation must turn or we are headed for a destruction. They spent millions on our Bicentennial, but at the same time our elected servants halted the efforts of the FBI to detect foreign undercover agents, investigations of coded messages and clandestine transmitters in 1971 brought consternation to counter-espionage agents in the FBI's domestic intelligence division. The KGB does operate a "Department V" an assassination and terrorism unit.

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