Safety on the 'Net

March 22, 1997|By JUSTINA STEVENS

Many teens think it's cool to surf the 'Net.

But is it safe?

It can be if you take some precautions, area teens say.

It's OK to meet new people on the Internet, but be careful what you tell them about yourself, says 16-year-old Ryan Haupt of Hagerstown.

"Don't give your full name to anyone, post your picture or give out your phone number or address," Haupt says.

Never download anything onto your computer from someone you don't know, says Jason Hiser, 16, of Maugansville.

Hiser says it's important to download onto a floppy disk so you don't cause damage to your hard drive.

A lot of kids are using the Internet while they're in school and are following a teacher's guidelines.

George Cassuto, social studies teacher and computer club adviser at North Hagerstown High School, says Washington County Board of Education is trying to form standard guidelines for students to follow when surfing the Internet in school.


Cassuto warns his students to be careful of chat lines because they don't know who's on the other end of the line.

The Internet can be a fun place to meet new people. Just be careful and don't take everything you hear from other people as truth.

Justina is a freshman at Hagerstown Junior College.

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