Mail call

March 21, 1997

"Well Mail Callers, it looks as if Washington County is about to be victimized again. Superintendent of Washington County Schools Dr. Wayne Gersen appears to be on the verge of leaving his $90,000 plus per year position here and I predict that a new superintendent of schools will be found from an area far removed from Washington County and brought here at a salary higher than that of Dr. Gersen. Hats off to Ron Bowers. He continues to cost the county money."

"Come on Greg Norman, how many drinks did the president really have?"

My, my, my, isn't it hypocritical? Dr. Gersen seems to think that he should leave Washington County Board of Education because he can go get quote, `20 percent more' unquote, in Pennsylvania than he can down here and he tells his teachers that. Maybe they're not in it just for the money and there are other benefits. Looks like money is everything isn't it Wayne?"


"Hagerstown has many wonderful little speciality shops tucked away in places you don't see if you just drive through on 40 and some of the best restaurants in the area."

"This is in response to why children don't wear seat belts on school buses. Well, the reason is because it's against the law for kids to wear seat belts on a school bus."

"Hi Tommy. Happy birthday. Love you, Nanny."

"Happy birthday granddaddy Ryan. I love you. Love, Nicole."

"For years now the residents of Washington County knew that this day was coming, the day when everyone had to wear a seat belt or be cited. It's not like it just happened over night. You whiners who don't want to wear seat belts, what kind of example do you think that has on our children? Seat belts save thousands of lives just like wearing helmets, not smoking or taking drugs. Grow up and set a good example for your kids and grandchildren. Better yet, ride with the rescue squad and actually see what happens when seat belts are ignored and after probably getting violently sick at the sight, you might want to change your mind. How many of you whiners have a working smoke detector in your house or apartment? Not many I bet."

"I think that Steven T. Dennis, your staff writer, handling the county's ruling to rescind collective bargaining should have included all of the commissioners' jobs since he singled out Ron Bowers as a 30-year union member at Mack Trucks. Why didn't we hear about everyone else's jobs and how they've gained their fortunes? We know Ron Bowers has earned his through working at Mack, how about the other commissioners? Why weren't their jobs stated as to what they did for their incomes?"

"Just think of the up side of not wearing seat belts or helmets. You'll have to pay a nice, stiff fine if caught and better yet, more organs will be available for everyone waiting for the organs. The state gets more money, the people get more organs and live. And you, well, sorry but that's one down side - you'll be dead!"

"As a U.S. veteran I think it's a disgrace to drive down Frederick Street and see the flag hanging above the Amvets. Can't these people as veterans take care of the symbol of the country that we fought so hard for? I think it's disgusting that our flag is being hung in a black city rag above Frederick Street."

"I've been a correctional officer and don't believe those officers that say they are constantly being pelted with human waste. In my 20 years it only happened to me once. The prisoners get severely punished and many times get more jail time if they do this and they know it. Sure, it happens but it's the exception rather than the rule. I get more feces on me when I walk through my dog infested neighborhood or when I change my cat's litter box. Thank you."

"I wonder if my attorney would know if a legislator would be liabel for a serious injury caused by a seat belt accident? Maybe we should call and find out. Delegate Donoghue, don't do it. It's bad legislation."

"I'm calling because I'm a single parent and I'm looking for one honest person to give me some information on some money that I lost on Broadway. It was on March 13, a Thursday morning and I had given the money to my mother to take to the bank to deposit so that I could pay my phone bill. The money was in my bank book along with the deposit slip that had my name and address on it. Before she got into the car she laid it on top of the roof because she had to adjust my son into his car seat and forgetting about the bank book, she got in the car and drove off with the bank book flying off with everything else. As soon as she realized what she had done, she went right back and the bank book and everything was there except for the money. So I need some help. If anyone has any information or if anyone was on Broadway on Thursday and saw anything would you please call Mail Call and help me out."

"I would like to find someone who sharpens hand saws by hand. Please respond in Mail Call."

"To the person who said that they worked as a correctional officer but quit because there wasn't enough to do. Do you expect people to believe that? Get real, you probably quit because you were too scared or you just couldn't handle the job."

"Hey, did you hear about Gersen leaving Washington County? I just have one thing to say. Hey, go Gersen! I mean yes, really go and take all the County Commissioners with you and we'll all have a big party."

"I think that it's time for the EPA to stop being so high-handed and start listening to public concerns. After all, their salaries are being paid by the taxpayers."

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