Downtown parking rules rile residents

March 19, 1997


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Nearly 30 residents and business owners along Main Street told the Waynesboro Council Wednesday night that the new no parking ordinance for snow emergencies is leaving them out in the cold.

Council President Kinney Stouffer read a petition presented by the group that calls for changes to the ordinance that prohibits parking from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. every day, all year around.

"We understand the problem with snow removal, but this isn't the answer," said group spokesman Ron Stitely, who lives on North Grant Street.


The ordinance, passed unanimously by Council early this year, prohibits parking in the early morning hours along Main Street through downtown Waynesboro.

It was passed primarily to aid the borough in snow removal.

"What's the purpose of having a snow emergency route in July?" Stitely asked.

The no parking zone is affecting residents on the side streets who's parking spaces are now being taken by Main Street residents and downtown business patrons, he said.

"Everyone on Main Street simply has nowhere to go," Stitely told the Council.

Besides the demand for parking, Stitely added that prohibiting parking until 6 a.m. hurts the businesses downtown that open earlier.

"If I can't park in front of my house then I don't have to shop in this town," said an angry Wayne Miller of West Main Street.

Several in the crowd also suggested their vehicles are subject to vandalism if they're parked "out of the public view."

Others protested having to park a long distance from their homes along Main Street and forced to walk at the late hour.

Many who attended the meeting said they didn't know Council was planning to pass the ordinance and suggested they should've "canvassed" Main Street to get people's opinions.

Stouffer said the Council would revisit the issue.

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