Winter Bash is mad dash at Speedway

March 17, 1997


Staff Correspondent

The Winter Bash was the place to celebrate at Hagerstown Speedway on Sunday. Five different drivers claimed wins, three tasting victory for the first time.

Only Marvin Winters, of Mercersburg, Pa., and Frank Cozze, of Wind Gap, Pa., had won previously. Winters and Eric Hons, of Benton, Pa., won the late model features while Cozze and Bruce Kline, of Banger, Pa., split the modified features.

Tommy Armel, of Winchester, Va., won the combination Bash event comprised of the top finishers from each feature.

Winters led from the outside pole with John Mason and Gary Stuhler in pursuit as the trio reached lapped traffic on the ninth lap. Mason closed on Winters by the 13th lap before Stuhler got past Mason for second two laps later while in heavy traffic.


Stuhler pulled next Winters to challenge for the lead with two laps to go. Winters was able to hold off the try until Stuhler faded behind Mason on the final lap.

Hons led from the pole in a 10-car inverted start, followed by Al Richards and Armel. Hons maintained a marginal lead throughout the race with only a single caution regrouping the field.

Hons won by three-car lengths over Richards.

"I was just trying to hold my line and was expecting for Stuhler or Franklin to pass me at any minute," Hons said. "I never dreamed in a million years I'd ever win down here."

Cozze seized the lead from the outside over polesitter Lou Blaney while Jamie Mills joined the chase. Three cautions slowed the pace, but Cozze had no problem showing the way to the finish over both drivers.

In the second race, Kline charged from his third starting spot to grab the lead before completion of the first circuit. The nearly full-straightaway lead he enjoyed over Eddie Pettyjohn and Jim Weller was erased on the 16th lap, but Kline held on for a comfortable win.

In the Bash final, modifieds lined on the inside row with Armel leading from the outside late model line. As Stuhler battled with Mills for second, Armel set the pace and stretched to a three-second advantage. Stuhler finally cleared Mills on the ninth lap and closed to within one second by the finish.


LATE MODEL No. 1 - 1. Marvin Winters, 2. John Mason, 3. Gary Stuhler, 4. Rick Eckert, 5. Charlie Schaffer, 6. Tommy Armel, 7. Richard Irwin, 8. Al Richards, 9. Les Hare, 10. Eric Hons, 11. Kevin Denton, 12. Rodney Franklin, 13. Dick Barton, 14. Roy Deese Jr., 15. Henry Hornsby, 16. Denny Bonebrake, 17. Ernie Davis, 18. Jerry Foster, 19. Frankie Plessinger, 20. Bob Wearing Jr., 21. Todd Andrews, 22. Rick Workman, 23. Jim Daversa, 24. Rob Nichols, 25. Jeff Rine, 26. Alan Sagi.

LATE MODEL No. 2 - 1. Hons, 2. Richards, 3. Armel, 4. Eckert, 5. Stuhler, 6. Mason, 7. Schaffer, 8.Barton, 9. Bonebrake, 10. Andrews, 11. Workman, 12. Hornsby, 13. Davis, 14. Plessinger, 15. Daversa, 16. Sagi, 17. Denton, 18. Deese Jr., 19. Rine, 20. David Hill, 21. Hare, 22. Franklin, 23. Nichols, 24. Winters, 25. Irwin.

MODIFIED No. 1 - 1. Frank Cozze, 2. Lou Blaney, 3. Jamie Mills, 4. Kenny Brightbill, 5. Rick Elliott, 6. Meme DeSantis, 7. Mike Romano, 8. Craig VonDohren, 9. Darrin Schuler, 10. Bruce Kline, 11. Kenny Pettyjohn, 12. Jim Weller, 13. Craig Jackson, 14. Toby Tobias Jr., 15. Todd McManus, 16. Glen Reed, 17. Dion LaSalle, 18. Jimmy Chester, 19. Rich Brown, 20. John Willman, 21. Wade Hendrickson, 22. Mike Colsten, 23. Richard Jarvis Jr., 24. Doug Hoffman

MODIFIED No. 2 - 1. Kline, 2. Pettyjohn, 3. Weller, 4. Romano, 5. Cozze, 6. DeSantis, 7. VonDohren, 8. Mills, 9. Brightbill, 10. Chester, 11. Jarvis Jr., 12. McManus, 13. LaSalle, 14. Reed, 15. Blaney, 16. Willman, 17. Brown, 18. Jackson, 19. Hendrickson, 20. Colsten, 21. Hoffman, 22. Elliott, 23. Schuler, 24. Tobias Jr.

WINTER BASH - 1. Armel, 2. Stuhler, 3. Eckert, 4. Mason, 5. Mills, 6. Weller, 7. Blaney, 8. Pettyjohn, 9. Hons, 10. Bonebrake, 11. Romano, 12. Kline, 13. Cozze, 14. Richards, 15. Schaffer, 16. Barton, 17.DeSantis, 18. Brightbill, 19. Winters.

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