Jell-O trivia

March 17, 1997

Did you know?

- Strawberry is the most popular flavor.

- There are 22 gelatin flavors. From April to June, a 23rd flavor called Sparkling White Grape will be added.

- Famous Jell-O spokespersons have included Bill Cosby, Jack Benny, Andy Griffith, Ethel Barrymore, Jackie Cooper and Kate Smith.

- Grapefruit, apples and pears will float in Jell-O, but prunes and maraschino cherries won't.

- When hooked up to an EEG machine, Jell-O demonstrates movement virtually identical to the brain waves of a healthy adult.

- Reflecting the flavor crazes of certain periods in history, Jell-O once produced cola, celery, chocolate, coffee and apple flavors.

- As immigrants passed through Ellis Island, they often were served a bowl of Jell-O as a welcome to America.

- Some of America's most prominent artists, including Norman Rockwell, Guy Rowe, Maxfield Parish, Rose O'Neill and Linn Ball, have created advertising series for Jell-O.


- When the Jell-O business first began, Orator Francis Woodward distributed free molds to women door-to-door and at fairs and festivals. This tradition continues today, and more than 15 million molds were distributed in the past two years.

For information on the 100th anniversary of Jell-O, access the Kraft Foods home page on the Internet at

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