Washington Township moves to protect wetland

March 17, 1997


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

WAYNE HEIGHTS, Pa. - After little public comment, Washington Township Supervisors voted unanimously Monday night to accept the Happel's Meadow Wetland management plan prepared by a seven-member advisory committee.

Township Manager Michael Christopher and supervisors will now spend a few weeks drafting an ordinance that will "mirror the enforcement provisions in the management plan," Christopher said.

According to the plan, the enforcement of the Happel's Meadow Wetland policy and regulation will be carried out by the Washington Township Police Department and code enforcement officer, or by others designated by the supervisors.


Enforcement includes: prohibiting trail bikes, off-road vehicles and other motorized vehicles; fuel wood and timber removal; camping; removal or transplanting plants or animals; soil removal or addition; and hiking, except along designated pathways and at viewing stations designated by the wetland committee.

Dana Burns of Blue Ridge Summit, Pa., asked supervisors whether plans for a board walk were still being considered.

Wetland advisory committee chairman Frank Smith replied that plans for a boardwalk, which would extend about 1,000 feet out into the meadow ending at an observation platform, are still in the preliminary stages.

The 72-acre block of land - located along Pa. 16 seven miles east of Waynesboro - states that the property is to remain "as wetlands in its natural state perpetually and not to be sold, developed, subdivided or used for commercial or industrial purposes."

In 1990, Charles S. and Amelia Gardner, and Letitia G. Gardner donated the preserve in memory of Charles S. and Elizabeth C. Gardner and Dr. and Mrs. Harvey C. Bridgers.

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