New position may replace fire chief's job

March 13, 1997


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - The position of part-time fire chief may soon become a thing of the past as council members consider combining the jobs of a borough building inspector and fire chief.

Council member Vicki Huff suggested combining the two jobs or turning the position of fire truck driver into a full-time fire chief who would be paid $31,000, Huff said.

Huff brought the subject up at last week's borough council meeting and asked other council members to consider it before someone is hired to replace retiring building inspector Charles "Chip" McCammon.


"We need to do something now before we get locked into the positions again," Huff said.

She suggested the combination building inspector/fire chief could work under the title of fire marshal, as other municipalities have done.

The proposal came under fire from Borough Solicitor Lloyd Reichard and James Valentine, director of engineering services, who believe the jobs should remain separate.

"Frankly, I would say I don't see how one man can do all that should be done now, let alone with additional duties," Reichard said.

He added that the building inspector handles code enforcement and acts as zoning officer, representing the borough on housing and zoning issues, among other duties.

"I don't think you can spread that person around any more," Valentine added.

Huff pointed out that college students are graduating with degrees in fire science and code enforcement.

Part-time Fire Chief Don Ringer earned $6,700 last year. His duties include supervising volunteers and full-time fire truck drivers.

The entry-level salary for a building inspector was advertised at $24,000.

Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger II said the two positions are hard to "mesh." He suggested the possibility of creating some kind of a department head position.

"What we're looking at is reorganizing our staff positions," said Council President Kinney Stouffer.

The discussion will continue at the council meeting next Wednesday.

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