Candidates file for Franklin County primary election

March 11, 1997


Staff Writer

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - David Keller rushed into the offices of the Franklin County Commissioners in the county courthouse at 4:33 p.m. Tuesday. He was armed with a petition signed by 10 voters, a $5 filing fee and notarized financial statements - all things he needed to file to run for a seat on Chambersburg Borough Council in the May 20 primary.

Keller, 27, missed the filing deadline by three minutes. He left the commissioners office with his documents in hand. It would have been his first try at political office.

"I wanted to run because I'd like to have a hand in improving the downtown area," Keller said. Undaunted by his missed deadline, Keller said he'll be back to try again later. "There's always the school board," he said.


Keller was late but hundreds of other Franklin County Republican and Democratic candidates did file to run for the office of their choice - contests for seats on one of the county's five school boards, six mayoral races, seven borough council elections and 14 township supervisor races, plus a number of other races that voters will have to sort through come primary day.

Topping the list will be the election for the county's new fourth Court of Common Pleas judgeship. Until this week, two announced candidates had entered the race, attorney Richard J. Walsh of Waynesboro, Pa., and attorney Patrick J. Redding of Chambersburg, who dropped out of the race Tuesday.

Some major races across Franklin County shape up like this:


Incumbent Democratic Mayor Robert P. Morris of Chambersburg has no primary challenger, but he will face a general election fight from Republican Douglas A. Neimond.

Incumbent Mayors Louis Barlup Jr. of Waynesboro, Thomas L. Ralston Sr. of Mercersburg, Pa., and Frank L. Mowen of Greencastle, Pa., are unopposed.


In the Chambersburg Borough Council election four incumbent Republicans - Harold D. "Jiggs" Kennedy, John A. Redding, Carl Helman and Allen B. Coffman - are running unopposed in Wards 1-4, as is Democrat William B. Kady, who is seeking a Ward 5 seat.

In Mercersburg, Democratic incumbent Judith Gossert wants to keep her borough council seat, as do Republican incumbents Richard A. Rice and Robert R. Brindle do too. The GOP challenger is Roger L. Difibaugh.

In Greencastle, Democrat Harry S. Myers and W. Jean Oliver are the candidates.

Waynesboro voters have two unopposed candidates, Democrat Charles E. McCammon and Republican Richard A. Starliper, on the ballot.


Guilford Township, Pa., voters have Democrat Michael A. Helman and Gregory L. Cook on their ballot in the supervisors election and those in Quincy Township, Pa., can line up behind Vincel E. Flasher, the Democrat, or Republican Kerry Bumbaugh.

Greene Township, Pa., voters have Democrat Douglas Harbach and Republican incumbent Paul Ambrose running unopposed.

Four Republicans signed up for the St. Thomas Township, Pa., supervisors' race, including Robert W. Lake, the incumbent, and Stefan Myers, David C. Ramer and Donald L. Helfrick. No Democrat filed.

Republican incumbents James Byers and Robert Whitmore want to keep their seats in the Antrim Township, Pa., supervisors' election. No Democrat filed.

No Democrats filed for the Washington Township Supervisors election leaving the field to Paul G. Benchoff and Shirley Grove.

District Justice

Incumbent District Justice Larry Meminger is unopposed in his reelection bid, but incumbent John Weyman is being challenged by Kristine R. Matthews.

School Board

In the Chambersburg Area School District, D. Eugene Gayman, the incumbent president, wants another term, as do incumbents Robert L. Helman and Fred E. Rice. Challengers are Thomas P. Orndorff, Barbara S. Montgomery, Beverly K. Sleighter and Ronald Adams.

In the Fannett-Metal School District, incumbents Westley J. Parks, Catherine M. Preso, Nicholas T. Zervos and Donna Ziegler want to be reelected. Challengers are Terry A. Crouse, Norman Royer Jr., and Kare E. Clugston.

Greencastle-Antrim School District incumbents in the race are Kenneth H. Rhoe and Robert R. Luger. Challengers are Karin C. Johnson, Hal E. Myers, Joan E. O'Keefe and Lauren J. Mentzer.

In the Tuscarora School District incumbents Joseph A. Tice and Giancarlo Angelini want to keep seats. Challengers are Jeffrey L. Spidel, Jane M. Rice, Ralph E. Sipes, Gerald P. Landis, Melford W. Kendle, Roger Price and Janice M. Hawbaker.

In the Waynesboro School District Leland H. Lemley is the only incumbent running. Challengers are Glenda Lou Martin, Hector Gomez, Emily C. Myers, Robert Ternes and Stanley H. Barkdoll.

Franklin County has 36,515 Republican voters and 20,470 registered Democrats. About 4,000 voters have no party affiliation. There is one Communist on the registration list, election officials said.

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