Franklin owns Victory Lane at Speedway

March 10, 1997


Staff Correspondent

Rodney Franklin informed Hagerstown Speedway's late model field that he's the man to beat in 1997.

The Cross Junction, Va., veteran driver won Sunday's Grand Opening event for his second won win in as many events this season. The victory, Franklin's 84th, ties him with Denny Bonebrake for career wins.

Meanwhile, Hagerstown's Alan Sagi led the distance for the late model sportsman victory and Terry Carlisle, of Winchester, Va., benefitted from the misfortunes of two drivers to take the pure stock event. Derek Wink, of McConnellsburg, Pa., held on to win by a foot in the four cylinders after three successive cautions set up a one-lap dash to the checkered.

Franklin beat Gary Stuhler off the line from the front row as the pair distanced themselves from the field. Marvin Winters seized the third spot by the seventh lap and began closing.


After a 13th-lap yellow closed the field, the trio stretched a straightaway ahead. Franklin won by two lengths over Stuhler and Winters. Denny Bonebrake and Doug Timmons, both of Hagerstown, came from the fifth row for the next spots.

"I had more pressure on me this week than the other one," Franklin said. "I figured it would come down to who beat each other off the corner and I think I got a little better start than Gary. All I had to do was hold him off."

Sagi, who started from the sportsman pole with luck of a six-car inversion, held the point ahead of Wayne Walls Jr. and Pete Weaver, who took second on the 11th.

Following a 14th-lap yellow that erased a two-second lead, Weaver could not muster a challenge against Sagi. Richard Walls won a battle with his brother and held third at the finish with Mike Yeakle fifth.

Carlisle lead of the pure stocks ended as Doug Bennett charged to the front and passed Mike Warrenfeltz and Carlisle on a fifth-lap restart.

After Bennett's engine blew on the ninth, Warrenfeltz got past Carlisle on the 13th, only to lose a rear wheel. Carlisle resumed the lead to win over Mike Cunningham and Hans Stamberg.

Wink settled into the lead on the second lap as Wes Bonebrake and Brian Miller battled for second. Miller locked in the spot on the eighth and gave a last lap challenge that fell short by a mere foot at the finish. Bonebrake was third.


LATE MODELS - 1. Rodney Franklin; 2. Gary Stuhler; 3. Marvin Winters; 4. Denny Bonebrake; 5. Doug Timmons; 6. Roy Deese Jr.; 7. Rick Eckert; 8. Alan Sagi; 9. Al Richards; 10. Tommy Armel; 11. Ray Kable Jr.; 12. Les Hare; 13. Frankie Plessinger; 14. Jeff Rine; 15. Eric Hons; 16. D.J. Myers; 17. Steve Campbell; 18. Rick Workman; 19. Mark Elksnis; 20. Harold Dorsey Jr.; 21. Jim Daversa; 22. Kevin Denton; 23. Bob Wearing Jr.; 24. Nathan Durboraw; 25. Jim Bernheisel; 26. Charlie Schaffer.

LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN - 1. Alan Sagi; 2. Pete Weaver; 3. Richard Walls; 4. Wayne Walls Jr;. 5. Mike Yeakle; 6. Scott Andrews; 7. Darryl Burkholder; 8. Dave Neff; 9. Barry Miller; 10. Jeremy Miller; 11. Frank Howery; 12. Devin Friese; 13. Daryl Kendall; 14. Richard Clipp; 15. Steve Haight; 16. John Giannone; 17. Todd Bowers; 18. Mike Walls; 19. Darrell Whittington; 20. Bob Friese; 21. Charles Burch; 22. Ronnie DeHaven.

PURE STOCK - 1. Terry Carlisle; 2. Mike Cunningham; 3. Hans Stamberg; 4. Kenny Dillon; 4. Rick Harbaugh; 6. Bryan Kerns; 7. Tom Cordell; 8. Randy McNabb; 9. David Larkin; 10. Mike Warrenfeltz; 11. Kim Ramer; 12. Rick Stouffer; 13. Scott Daniels; 14. Bruce Leibowitz; 15. Doug Bennett; 16. Bandy Wible; 17. David Stouffer.

FOUR CYLINDERS - 1. Derek Wink; 2. Brian Miller; 3. Wes Bonebrake; 4. Greg Gunter; 5. Dave Obitts; 6. Nan Grove; 7. Eric Mellott; 8. Craig Perigo; 9. Tanya Daversa; 10. Ken Hill; 11. Dave Chapman; 12. Art Jerin III; 13. Tiffany Shoemaker; 14. Ed Gageby; 15. Donata Daversa; 16. Todd Hoffman; 17. Tommy Jerin; 18. Bobby Jones; 19. Anthony Combs; 20. Kevin Banzoff.

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