Eye-popping trick

February 25, 1997

CHICAGO (AP) - When Kimberly Goodman auditioned for David Letterman's ``Stupid Human Tricks,'' witnesses screamed.

The young woman got the job the moment she literally popped one of her eyeballs out of its socket. She can do both orbs simultaneously, but understatement worked just as well.

``As soon as I saw it, I thought, `That's it, stop the presses,''' said Tricks coordinator Susan Hall Sheehan. ``However many people there were in the room, that's how many involuntary screams there were.''

Letterman was so impressed he invited her back for a return engagement, Monday night's ``Late Show with David Letterman Video Special III.''


Letterman saved Goodman for the final stunt and introduced her as an act ``you will talk about until the day you die.''

To Letterman's cue, ``Did you hear that Michael Jackson had a baby,'' she popped her eyes way out. Television viewers then got to see two slow-motion replays, one of them from the side.

Goodman, who is from Chicago's South Side, considers her quirky talent a gift. ``At church, I always hear my pastor say everybody has a gift, and I used to ask, `Lord, what's mine?'''

She found out about five years ago when one of her eyes came out of its socket when she hit it while taking off a Halloween mask.

``I was with two girlfriends and they just stood there, frozen, with their mouths open,'' she recalled. ``I pushed it back in, and they never said a word to me - just walked away, still with their mouths open.''

Now she's learned how to pop them out voluntarily - ``I sort of squint, pull my eyelid back and out it comes,'' Goodman explained. She added that she has perfect vision but has never seen a doctor about the eye-popping.

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