Hagerstown Trust branch robbed

February 25, 1997


Staff Writer

A Hagerstown Trust Co. bank branch was robbed Monday morning, the fifth time in five months that a Hagerstown Trust branch was held up.

Authorities would not disclose how much money the robber got away with in Monday's holdup at the Hagerstown Trust Co. branch at Franklin Street and West Side Avenue.

There have been eight bank robberies, including four others at Hagerstown Trust branches, and one attempted bank robbery in Washington County since September.


After Monday's robbery, tellers told Hagerstown City Police they watched the man approach the bank on foot, just after 11 a.m.

"He was walking south on West Side Avenue and then came inside the bank," said Detective George Brandt.

Once inside, the man asked a teller for information about accounts and she gave him a pamphlet, Brandt said.

The woman went to answer the telephone and when she returned, the man handed her a bag and told her he wanted money.

Brandt said the teller started to put money in the bag, but the robber grabbed it out of her hand and put the money in the bag himself.

"He stayed on his side of the counter the whole time,'' Brandt said.

Although the robber didn't display a weapon, he indicated to the teller that he had one, Brandt said.

After getting the money, the man left the building.

"We got the bloodhounds right away, but they only tracked him so far," Brandt said.

Neither the tellers nor the lone customer in the bank at the time of the robbery were injured, Brandt said.

The robber was described as a black man, 6 feet tall, weighing 180-185 pounds, and possibly having a moustache.

He was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, dark shoes and a red handkerchief around his neck.

Two of the previous Hagerstown Trust robberies were at branches in Boonsboro, one was at a branch on Prospect Avenue in Hagerstown and one on Jefferson Boulevard.

Anyone with information about the robber may call Brandt at 790-3700.

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