Reduce stress in your workplace

February 25, 1997

Stress management experts agree that employees and employers both can take steps to reduce stress in the workplace.

Some of their suggestions are:

For Employees

  • Schedule three small "pleasures" into each work day. For instance, schedule lunch with a friend, listen to a favorite tape on the way into work or bring fresh flowers to the office.
  • Spend leisure time engaged in hobbies or activities that differ from what you have to do at work every day. For instance, if you have a sedentary job do something physical in your free time.
  • Take a short break when feeling stressed on the job. Get up from your desk and walk around.
  • Take care of yourself. Exercise, eat healthful food and get plenty of rest.
  • Learn some relaxation techniques. Try meditation.

For Employers

  • Provide employees with clear, specific job descriptions in writing.
  • Set realistic deadlines.
  • Set priorities and stick to them.
  • Allow employees to use creativity in solving problems and give them some choices in how to do their job.
  • Delegate authority along with responsibility.
  • Give positive feedback for a job well done.
  • Allow employees to take breaks.
  • Allow employees to make use of flex-time scheduling so that they can meet family obligations.
  • Larger companies could consider providing things like exercise facilities to promote healthy habits and reduce stress and day care on the premises because that is a major source of worry in many workers' lives.
  • Provide good health benefits.
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