Men agree to grow beards in contest

February 24, 1997


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - They come in all styles.

Some like the Lincoln look, a few prefer the muttonchop approach, and others just go for the full-effect beard.

As each man differs, so does his preferences for growing facial hair.

Members of Brothers of the Brush Inc. in Waynesboro plan to take growing beards to great lengths.

As part of Waynesboro's bicentennial celebration this summer, the Brothers of the Brush has begun a beard-growing contest for its 130 members.

Cash prizes will be awarded on Sept. 6 to those who sport the bushiest, the longest and the most unusual whiskers, among other categories.


Some have already gotten a head start.

"I grew mine for hunting season," said David Woodring, who sports a thick brown beard.

Charlie Reynolds' face looked bare compared to most of the men in the room.

"I'm going to try this week - again," Reynolds said, who recently shaved off his weeklong growth because it was too itchy.

"The first three to four days drives you crazy," added Sam Woodring, who is clean-shaven after wearing a long beard for years.

Once you get past that critical prickly stage, it is maintaining the style that becomes the bother.

"While it's going you have to keep it trimmed. That takes more time," said Ron Miller, whose Lincoln-style beard - sans mustache - is well on its way.

Club president Charlie Reynolds is hoping to tame the ends of his bushy white mustache into handlebars for the contest.

Club members who don't have some kind of growth on their faces come contest time could be rounded up, tried and sentenced to time in a makeshift jail.

Bare-faced members can ensure their freedom by purchasing a shaving permit from the club.

The contest upholds a tradition started 50 years ago by the now defunct Waynesboro Whisker Club during the town's 150th anniversary.

Brothers of the Brush, a non-profit organization, replaced the whisker club in 1968.

No women are members of the club, but Reynolds he wouldn't discourage any interested woman from joining.

Besides the beard-growing contest, the club sponsors an annual Easter egg hunt at Renfrew Museum and Park. Members hold fund-raisers and other events for charity.

The club, open to anyone over 21, meets every third Monday at the Virginia Avenue fire hall. There is a $5 membership fee for new members.

To know more about the group, call 717-762-1040.

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