County gives Cavetown residents $1,000 off on sewer connections

February 19, 1997


Staff Writer

Washington County Commissioners gave about 100 Cavetown sewer customers a break on their sewer hookup fees at their meeting Tuesday.

Cavetown residents had been told that they would have to pay $3,750 each for the hookups. Instead, on a recommendation from county staff members, the commissioners voted to set the fee at $2,750, despite the fact that most Cavetown connections will require grinder pumps that cost $2,805 each.

For all new hookups elsewhere in the county, the hookup fee will be $2,750 plus the cost of any mechanical equipment required, including grinder pumps.

County Commissioner R. Lee Downey voted against the reduction. "It just seems when you're paying $2,805 for the grinder pump and you're charging $2,750 you're not getting anything for (the treatment plant).


"Unfortunately, it seems like in past history similar things have gotten us to where we are now."

Downey said additional income from higher hookup fees could help hold down projected future rate increases.

But Downey was outvoted by the other commissioners.

Public Works Director Gary Rohrer said funding for the Cavetown hookups already was factored into the budget.

The cost of the Cavetown project ultimately will be much greater than if it had originally been designed as a gravity flow system, county officials said. Rohrer said that the grinder pumps need expensive maintenance in as few as four or five years after they are installed.

Rohrer said the county had looked into abandoning the grinder pump plan and a poorly placed pump station and building a gravity flow system, but that ultimately would have cost even more, he said.

The cost of grinder pumps also has increased dramatically, up from about $1,700 a year and a half ago, Rohrer said.

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