Parents praise Citicorp's commitment to children

February 15, 1997

For parents who work at Citicorp Credit Services Inc., the company's commitment to child care means more peace of mind - and the chance to better concentrate on work.

Peggy Steich's children have been cared for at the center for about five years.

"To me, one of the biggest decisions a parent ever has to make is who will care for my children when I am at work." She said having a quality, reliable center at Citicorp has removed that worry.

When she first dropped her son off at the center, Steich said she cried for hours and called the center throughout the day to check up on him.

Now Steich looks at the pluses on-site child care offers her and her family: She can have lunch with her children, make sure they are eating nutritious meals, check up on them and keep in touch with care providers.


At Friday's news conference to announce plans to build a new $8.6 million child-care center on the company's campus, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager Michael J. Looney that employees who don't have the stress of worrying about their child-care are better able to focus on their work.

"We have high expectations of our employees,'' he said. "They have high expectations of us. That's only fair."

Looney noted that Citicorp's commitment to child care has earned the company national attention. Citicorp's child-care services put the company on Working Mother 100, a listing of top mother-friendly corporations.

- Steve Dennis

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