Mail Call February 13

February 14, 1997

"I'm just calling in reference to all the hospital employees standing on the side of the corner of South Cannon Street smoking their cigarettes and hanging out. It doesn't look good. I think that the hospital needs to rethink its policy and maybe make a better place for them to go to smoke. It doesn't look good standing on the street corner. Everyone is either sitting on the curb or leaning up against the wall and it's really making the hospital look bad and it makes the employees look bad and it's making this wonderful town of Hagerstown look bad. Please, let's do something about it."

"Yeah, print this. Meat is delicious, meat is juicy, meat is good and it's good for you."

"Hi Dixie. Happy Valentine's Day from your husband Bob and I love ya."

"I'd like to know what's the deal with these mail carriers? One day they deliver the mail at 12 o'clock and they next day it's 6. Don't you fellows get paid enough to work a little faster?"


"This is for the vandals who are running around professing that meat is murder. I'd like to ask them what they eat? Aren't they aware that plants are living organisms as well?"

"Happy Valentine's Day to my three sweethearts: Courtney, C.J. and Brittany. Love, Mommy."

"Oh please, wake up Hagerstown. The executive director of an ice skating rink is going to make $80,000 a year? We have police officers and the mayor that don't make $80,000 a year. I think that's a little OVER the amount he should make."

"Meat may be murder but boy do those steaks taste real good!"

"Could anyone explain to me in the O.J. trial how some witnesses could testify for O.J. in the first trial and then in the other one testify for the plaintiffs, the Goldman family and their lawyers? And they all changed their stories! How could that be? Isn't that perjury? I would think so."

"To the Health Department. Why is it that people who work in fast-food restaurants don't have to wear plastic gloves for sanitation but if you work in a grocery store in the deli, you have to?"

"I believe the ice rink is a waste of money but if they want to pay $80,000 a year to be in charge of it, I want to apply."

"I'd like to wish my wife Fuzzy Bear a Happy Valentine's Day and thank her for 17 years of marriage and three beautiful children. "

"Congratulations to my godson Robert Smoot for getting such a good report card. We're very proud of you. Love, Nanny and Pappy."

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