Board to decide Askin's fate soon

February 09, 1997


Staff Writer

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - The decision on whether Martinsburg attorney and convicted felon Steven M. Askin will be disbarred will be decided later this month, the state bar counsel said Friday.

Askin, convicted of felony criminal contempt, spent seven months in federal prison last year.

Sherri Goodman, head of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel for the West Virginia Bar Association, said she and attorneys representing Askin are preparing briefs to be sent Monday to the hearing panel of the Lawyer Disciplinary Board.

Goodman said she is seeking Askin's disbarment.

According to court records, Askin surrendered his law license shortly after he was sentenced last January.

He was indicted in September 1994 for criminal contempt for refusing to testify at a May 1994 federal drug trial for several of his former clients.


Prosecutors said the clients used to supply Askin's cocaine habit.

Askin, who admitted in court that he had a cocaine addiction, refused to testify to conceal his own drug habits, according to court records.

The panel, made up of two lawyers and a lay person, will review the briefs and decide Askin's fate on Feb. 25, Goodman said.

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