Jefferson County landfill accepting trash - to haul away

February 06, 1997


Staff Writer, Charles Town

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - The Jefferson County landfill on Leetown Road is again accepting trash, this time as a transfer station, officials said Thursday night at the Jefferson County Commissioners meeting.

Dirk Stansbury, co-chairman of the Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority, said residents can haul their waste to the landfill where it is then picked up by Waste Management trucks.

The trash is then hauled to other landfills for disposal, he said.

Stansbury said lawn waste such as grass clippings, branches and brush also are being accepted at the facility.

The Solid Waste Authority operates at chipper to turn the lawn waste into a mulch.

Stansbury and co-chairman Jim McGowen said the Solid Waste Authority also is looking to market the waste to help raise money to meet expenses at the site.


The County Commissioners Thursday approved giving $10,000 to the Solid Waste Authority to help pay for a state permit and to meet other expenses until the transfer site starts making more revenue.

The state ordered Jefferson County to close the landfill and last year the work being done to cap the landfill caused a drop-off in the amount of waste being dropped off at the transfer site, Stansbury said.

Stansbury said the Solid Waste Authority needs residents to drop off waste at the site to help meet expenses.

Now that most of the work in capping the landfill is completed, Solid Waste Authority officials are hoping the amount of trash dropped off at the transfer station will increase again to previous levels.

Also on Thursday, Solid Waste Authority officials and county commissioners said they were concerned by plans from Gov. Cecil Underwood's office to have regional solid waste authorities rather than county offices.

They said such a move takes away control from the local governments.

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