Frederick police officer injured in attack

February 05, 1997


Staff Writer

FREDERICK, Md. - A Frederick City Police officer was hurt Monday night after an altercation with a man he was escorting back to police headquarters for questioning, according to police and court records.

Detective 1st Class Michael D. Beattie's nose was injured, but he did not require medical attention, according to court records. He bled extensively, court papers said.

Beattie's pants were torn and his shirt, jacket and tie were bloodied and his contact lens were destroyed, according to court records. In addition, he lost a tie clasp and his leather portfolio and belt were damaged, according to court papers. The total value of the items was placed at $440.


Brett Adam McMurry, 21, of no fixed address, was charged with four counts of destruction of property, drinking in public, second-degree assault, attempting to disarm a police officer, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and giving a false name to police.

McMurry is being held on $80,000 bond in the Frederick County Adult Detention Center.

The incident began when Beattie saw fresh graffiti on an elevator of a parking garage on Court Street, police said. He also saw graffiti in the stairway on the first level and between the fourth and fifth levels, police said.

On the top level, Beattie saw four people, who told him a person named "James" was responsible for the vandalism, according to court records. Beattie asked them to follow him back to the police station. When Beattie initially approached the group, one man was allegedly drinking a Milwaukee's Best beer from a can inside a brown bag.

The man, who was walking in front of Beattie, allegedly turned around and punched him in the face. Beattie went backwards, tripped over a bench and the suspect allegedly jumped on top of him and continued striking him in the face.

Beattie managed to stand up and radio for backup when the suspect allegedly attacked him again, court records said. The suspect allegedly then grabbed the officer from behind and reached in the area of his gun, court documents said.

When another officer arrived on the scene, the attacker allegedly tried to flee but was caught in the courtyard, court records said.

The officer used pepper spray to subdue the suspect, according to court papers. In an attempt to get away, he fell over a wall into a lower courtyard area, court records said. After the attacker was arrested, he allegedly gave a fake name to police.

Police are searching for another member of the group, who allegedly fled the scene during the altercation. A warrant has been issued for John David King, 18, of the first block of West 5th Street in Frederick. He is wanted on charges of destruction of property and escape from confinement, police said.

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