Restaurant owner balks at removing sign

February 04, 1997


Staff Writer

SHARPSBURG - Restaurant owner Paul Carson said Tuesday he will not remove a temporary directional sign at Town Square, despite objections by town officials.

"I will fight it because I'm not taking the sign down," said Carson, owner of the New Central Restaurant at 104 S. Mechanic St.

Town Attorney Charles Wagaman said Monday night that Carson had until midnight Monday to remove the temporary sign because he did not apply for a building permit, which Wagaman said he advised Carson was necessary.


Carson said Tuesday he wasn't told he needed a permit.

Wagaman said if the sign wasn't removed, town officials would pursue the matter through Washington County District Court.

The restaurant owner said he received a notice from town officials last week, but had not read it as of Tuesday so he didn't know the sign had to come down.

Carson said the sign, which advises passing motorists of the nearby restaurant, doubles or triples his business.

He said he plans to keep the sign up until July, when he plans to install a permanent sign on a pole near where the temporary sign is posted.

Town officials directed Wagaman on Monday night to determine whether Carson had proper permission for a large, lighted sign in front of the restaurant and for a compressor, the noise from which they said was disturbing neighbors.

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