School officials urged to weigh needs, not enrollment

February 04, 1997


Staff Writer

Let each school's needs - not enrollment - guide budgetary decisions, parent Jenny Belliotti asked the Washington County Board of Education Tuesday night during a public hearing on Superintendent Wayne F. Gersen's proposed $106 million operating budget for next year.

Belliotti, president of the Fountaindale Elementary School PTA, was one of three people who signed up to speak at the meeting, which lasted less than 20 minutes.

"When you look at the budget for areas to cut, please look kindly on schools like Fountaindale," said Belliotti.

She said many of the school's students come from homes without a lot of support and need extra help in the basics.


The school also needs an assistant principal, but doesn't meet enrollment requirements, she said.

The middle and high schools should have priority over elementary schools when it comes to upgrading computer technology, parent Woodie Tingle told the school board.

Student needs are greater at those levels, especially high school, said Tingle, who has children at E. Russell Hicks Middle School and South Hagerstown High School.

A teacher at Funkstown Elementary School, Tingle said more and more elementary school students are getting basic computer training at home.

School board employee Paul Mackrell signed up to speak but didn't get to the meeting in time.

Mackrell said he'd ask in writing that the school board to consider reinstating the two in-house roofer positions that were cut from the maintenance department two years ago.

Having in-house roofers is more cost-effective than contracting out the work, said Mackrell, who held the position for eight years.

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