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Mail call

February 04, 1997

  • "Congratulations to Tiara for performing so well with the All-County Middle School Band and also to Tiffany with all her hard work with the guard. Nanny is very proud of you and I know Pap Pap is too as he watches down over our family."
  • "I'm calling in to respond to the lady who called in about the deer on the front page of the newspaper and canceling her subscription because of it and to the man who criticized her for doing so saying that it's a shame because she would miss the picture of him gutting his first deer. If the newspaper ever published that, I know a lot of people that would cancel theirs, too. And I mean a lot. It's a shame that deer don't have guns to make it a fair game and that the deer could use your head as a trophy. It would be different if it was the only means of survival but it's not."
  • "The residents of the Paradise Homes area, particularly those of us here around Eden Drive have been begging the County Commissioners for sewer service. Oh County Commissioners, won't you please help us out?"
  • "This is to the caller who called in about the call to the airport on Tuesday. It wasn't at the airport. The Maugansville company took control of the call on Pennsylvania Avenue not at the airport. That's why Maugansville took command."
  • "I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Gordon who turned 23 and to Grandma who turned 86. Grandma's was Saturday and Gordon's was on Monday."
  • "Yeah, I was just wondering about this Groundhog Day on Feb. 2. Exactly where is it that they do this groundhog at is my question?"
  • "As to the helmet law, I'm torn two ways. One in protecting our young drivers 16-18 years old and the other way in freedom of choice. I think the young driver should be forced to wear a helmet until they're 18. Then they should be able to decide for themselves. I've been a biker since the '60s and I've always worn a helmet. Two times it has saved me from serious injuries. For you adults who don't want the helmet law, I respect your opinion but I don't respect your intelligence."
  • "I'm calling because of the safety of the children at E. Russell Hicks Middle School. I pick up children from the school after school and just since the beginning of the school year I sit in my vehicle and watch the children run for the buses. I believe they only have about five minutes to get to the buses. I have seen children fall, trip, drop books and almost left behind trying to get there before they pull away. I know that they could be given more time to get to the buses so why not? And I also observed one bus moving while there are children still running to get to it and other buses around it. I think this is wrong and should not be allowed. I consider this dangerous and something should be done about it."
  • "I'm concerned about a rumor circulating. It's been said that the school board will be voting on whether or not to have our high schools put on a four-period day for the 1997-98 school year and I feel that the parents should be given information to show the pros and cons of this new program and that they be able to voice their opinions before it is presented to the board because the children are the ones that will be going through this and they many or may not want to do this."
  • "What's this I hear about the sheriff's getting a $1,200 raise? I don't make that much in a year and I work very hard. What gives?"
  • "Hey Mail Callers, take your road kill to the Washington County landfill. The County Commissioners are in desperate need of it."
  • "I just called to say thank you to Julie at the customer service department at Home Federal for looking into our trouble and making us satisfied customers. You do a wonderful job. Thank you again."
  • "As of May 1, 1997 everyone will have to dial 10 numbers even for a local call. Come on, what's next year to bring? A 10 digit phone number, then your 13 digit driver's license and finally your social security number. I think I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome just thinking about it. Oh, I forgot, the more numbers I guess the more numbers on your phone bill and I don't mean phone numbers.

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