Spare Allegheny?

February 03, 1997

Letter to the editor

Spare Allegheny?

To the editor:

I am a resident of West Virginia, but I am employed through Union Local 307 IBEW. I am writing you this letter concerning the AES Warrior Run project which is now under construction in Western Maryland. As you probably know Allegheny Power has made this project a pretty big concern of theirs.

I feel that Allegheny Power has made some misleading statements about the intention of this project. They feel that they should not have any competition in the power industry, but there is competition everywhere you look. Why should they be excluded from competition?

AES is offering Western Maryland 700 construction jobs not to mention 70 full-time jobs and 200 Western Maryland coal industry jobs. Also a considerable amount of taxes are to be paid to Maryland.


I feel that as a member of Union Local 307 that AES has a lot more to offer to Western Maryland than does Allegheny Power.

Please give the economic future of Western Maryland and everybody else concerned some thought.

Rodney L. Cannon

Keyser, W.Va.

Liberty attack was no conspiracy by our Israeli allies

To the editor:

Conspiracy theories titillate and sell books. Perhaps one of the reasons another book about a 30-year-old tragedy - the accidental attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, by Israeli forces on June 8, 1967 - has been revived in an article by Charley Reese that appeared in The Morning Herald on Jan. 13, 1997.

The litany of unsubstantiated accusations in this article aimed at the U.S. government and the Israeli government have been thoroughly investigated by both governments.

I am a retired naval officer and have a copy of the "Complete Proceedings of the U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry convened June 10, 1967."

This document was and is available to the public - so much for secrecy. Several books and countless magazine articles have also been written over the years about the incident, but still the accusation of "cover-up" persists.

Like all tragic events, differences in interpretation of facts will always remain as grist for those who wish to exploit them.

This is a good thing in our free society, but it must be viewed by an informed public with a critical mind, relying on documented facts and separating the fiction, biases and distortions an author might bring to his commercial endeavors.

Mr. Reese's use of the stereotypical canard of undue influence on the American government by "Israel and its supporters" (code word for American Jews), lends credence to the fact that there are those who would further their anti-Israel and anti-Jewish positions by using among other things, the U.S.S. Liberty tragedy to further their aims (the subject seems to come up about every 10 years).

This makes it necessary for the American Jewish community to publicly combat these attempts when and where they apply.

The men of the U.S. Liberty are not to be forgotten. They have been recognized by their country and monetary compensation has been made by the Israeli government to the families of the servicemen killed and wounded so tragically, but we must remember that terrible mistakes happen in war - happen to all sides - to us, to our allies and to our enemies.

We must not let these tragedies be exploited or used for other than an accurate record for history.

Laurence Sharpe


Another small nail

To the editor:

A small item on the back pages announces that the Morgan County Board of Health is contemplating a smoking ban in most public places. Most people won't notice it, but another small nail has been driven into the coffin of individual freedom.

"Big Brother," the "Tobacco Police," and other collectivist/socialists are at it again. Don't these "politically-correct" tyrants understand the nature of private property? It is the property owner who properly has the sole power to determine smoking versus non-smoking; not the feds, the state, the county, nor city governments.

As long as we haven't gone completely socialist, each property owner can determine whether or not his or her home, business establishment, shopping mall, or whatever, shall be smoking or non-smoking. Property owners should tend to the privately-owned structures and the government tend to only their government buildings.

If customers wish not to be exposed to smoke, let them find out the nature of the establishment. It should be of no concern to "the regulators." The risks and the decisions belong to the people who have the money invested and at risk. These decisions belong to the business and property owners, not government.

David Michael Myers

Martinsburg, W.Va.

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