Mail call

January 27, 1997

  • "I'm a first time call, even though I've wanted to many times, but I wanted to make a comment about the front page articles on Friday, Jan. 24 about the pension debt and the trash comments and, well what I've got to say from a debt of $9.96 million to $4.9 million, they throw these figures around like we're talking about $9.96 to $4.90 and also if 7.5 percent interest was too much why is it acceptable now that the state has dropped it to $4.9 million. Also on the trash fees from a personal view, I always pay the fee for my pickup at $30 per year, for my convenience, but at $50 I could pay by weight for necessity purposes, I spent $21 this year."
  • "I'm not in school nor are my children but it hasn't been too long that I don't remember what it was like to wear certain clothes and dress a certain way. I think that Mr. Hardin and these other people that are backing him about ripped jeans, I think that you know, they have a lot more problems in school to worry about than whether or not some kid's knee is hanging out of their jeans. As for the comment about Dennis Rodman and the Chicago Bulls, Dennis Rodman makes $18 million a year and he does it because he's who he is and he's made it where he is because of who he is. I don't necessarily agree with the things that he does but to hold our children back based on the fact that these people don't want more Dennis Rodmans out there is a pretty sad way and a misunderstood way to understand what America is all about.''
  • "To the lady who called in the other evening about the deer being killed on the front page of the paper. That's a shame that you're canceling your subscription because now you won't be able to see the picture that's possibly going to be on the front page of my first deer as I gut it."
  • "This is in regards to the dress codes that they're trying to enforce in the schools. I think it's high time that they get dress codes and kids wouldn't be able to go to work the way they dress these days, so it is a good idea for all the schools not just the one particular one."
  • "This is for The Herald-Mail. Your coverage of the indoor track season really stinks! We have the most outstanding runners in Washington County and yet you can't put anything in there about them. One or two paragraphs a week. Wow! That's really good. How about a picture of these great runners for once?"
  • "I'd like to tell the local businessman from Thursday night's Mail Call, that if he has a question about Smithsburg Fire Department to go talk to them in person, not hide behind an anonymous phone call. If he is a business operator he should realize that in a large business $30,000 isn't much of an operating budget. Ask, we can show you some expensive common operating and operations costs."
  • "Mail callers are constantly blasting the volunteer fire companies for their funding and one mentioned Smithsburg. If Smithsburg had plenty of money why do the volunteers roll out at 4 a.m. every month on the first Saturday of the month to prepare a public breakfast and when we attend we always give more that the state advice. Why? Because we live in Smithsburg's surrounding area and sleep better knowing they and the other local fire companies are there if needed. I noticed that no one has yet complained about a church spending $40,000 on a stained glass window. If you have a fire who do you call your local fire department of your church?"
  • "I was just reading Mail Call and I'm very angry about this so-called businessman that did a write-up about the Smithsburg Fire Company not paying their bills. My husband was treasurer for three years until the middle of '91 when he died of cancer but the bills were paid on time. If they owe this so-called businessman money, why doesn't he send his bill to the treasurer of the company? I know the man that took over when my husband passed away is a very reliable man. So this so-called businessman, how about answering that one for us?"
  • "First it was the Confederate flag, now it's black English. I wonder what's next?"
  • "I would like to know if the government workers are entitled to Medicare under their wives' names if the wife never worked in their lives at all or anything?"
  • "I'm calling about Mr. Glendening and his cigarette tax. Tell all the Maryland people to forget about it, go to West Virginia and get your cigarettes."
  • "I'm calling to respond to the snotty man in the North End with the camcorder who has nothing better to do than to sit around watching dogs go to the bathroom. Get a life!"
  • "Has Hagerstown became a small metropolitan like the big cities that people are afraid of the crises in the streets? Are people afraid to say that they witnessed an assault on a young man Wednesday, between 7 and 10 a.m. in the 300 block of South Locust Street? Are these people afraid that something will be done to them if they said they witnessed that incident?"
  • "I'm calling in about the substitute bus driver and she says about the board trying to save money and she can do the routes faster than the other drivers. She sounds like a trouble maker and a back stabber to me. Get a life girl."
  • "Why are the bus drivers going so slow on Maryland 67? They're doing the speed limit. Have a nice day."
  • "Why does everyone always think that if anything goes wrong like the water/sewer, the dump or anything else that the taxpayers should bail them out? By the time the taxpayers get done bailing everything else out they won't have any money to go to the stores and buy anything. So who's going to bail the department stores out?"
  • "Yes. Roscoe Bartlett is a draft dodger but we don't hear any play in The Herald-Mail about that. Thank you."
  • "Happy 32nd birthday Lorrie. From your little sister."
  • "I know that I'm going to get blasted for this if it even makes Mail Call but we have a serious problem in this country and I'm proud to live in a democracy but we suffer from way far too much democracy in this country."
  • "This is in response to the gang that hangs out on Winter and George Streets. Take a look on South Locust Street at Locust Point at that gang. The police seem to be ignoring them but somebody needs to stand up and take back the streets of Hagerstown. I'm sure it won't be the police."
  • "Hi Mail Call. I hope you print this, something that won't cause a lot of criticism but I'd like to give my thumbs up to the new Staples Distribution Center. I'm a new supervisor that was hired in December and I hope that everyone interested in getting a job will keep trying because it's a great company to work for. It's the first company that I've ever worked for that really cares about it's employees. So keep up the good work Staples, and I look forward to being here and having a very good career with you."
  • "Even though the evidence is overwhelming there is an outside chance that O.J. Simpson will be acquitted again. Having been acquitted twice, does that mean that he could sue the Browns, the Goldmans and the LAPD for wrongful accusation and receive all his expenses? If not, why not?"
  • "Here it is 6:30. Try to get on the Internet and I get a busy signal. Nineteen dollars for what? Thank you."
  • "This is to Williamsport. I noticed that they put up a sign honoring the Maryland State Champion soccer team which is great but what about all the State Volleyball Champions the girls have won and never got a sign? How about that Williamsport?"
  • "It's 7 p.m. Friday night and been raining for hours. The snow plow just went by my house with the plow down. Go home, get some rest. I think the road crews do a great job and just don't know when to quit."
  • "This is to the person that does not like the Washington County Sheriff Department's new cruisers. If they don't like the way they look, let them buy them for them. Thank you."

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