McCrory's, Newberry stores closing

January 24, 1997|By TERRY TALBERT

McCrory's, Newberry stores closing

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The McCrory's department store at 52 W. Washington St. in downtown Hagerstown and the Newberry store at Valley Mall will be closing soon, probably this spring, store officials said Friday.

A spokesperson for a third local McCrory's store, in the Long Meadow Shopping Center, said, as far as she knows, that store will remain open. She said she wasn't permitted to give her name.

McCrory's Stores officials were unavailable for comment on Friday.

McCrory's Stores of York, Pa., a division of McCrory's Corp., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February 1992.

Chapter 11 frees a company from the threat of creditors lawsuits while it reorganizes its finances.

McCrory's Stores said in 1995 that it was closing a number of its stores, which operate under five trade names, as part of a restructuring effort.


"We'll probably be closing in April, but it might be sooner," the manager of the downtown Hagerstown McCrory's said on Friday. "It's a corporate decision."

The manager said corporate policy prohibits her from giving her name.

McCrory's has been a downtown fixture for more than 30 years, she said. It is one of 200 stores nationwide that are being closed at a cost of 3,500 jobs, she said.

The manager would not say how many people work at her store. She said she wasn't authorized to give out such information.

Assistant Manager Scott Sites of the Newberry store at the mall said that store has been notified it also will be closing soon.

Sites said corporate officials haven't yet given store personnel a date.

"We were a McCrory's store until we closed down last May," Sites said. "We reopened under the Newberry's name. We just had our grand opening in June. Now they've decided to close it again."

Sites said the store employs 11 people, while the store's restaurant "has close to double that number" of workers.

Valley Mall Marketing Director Stephanne Saunders said the Newberry closing was news to her.

The McCrory's (now Newberry) store has been at the mall since it opened in 1973, she said.

Saunders said the store has the most space of any specialty store in the mall.

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