Fond memories of band

January 24, 1997|By Justina Stevens

I am proud to be an alumna from a Washington County high school band.

The reason I'm proud is because of the consistently fine performances given by each band.

I was a proud member of North Hagerstown High School band for four years. I've marched when it was hot, when it was cold, when it rained, when it snowed. I learned to play loud, strong, soft or whatever the mood called for at the time.

I know what it feels like to have marched in the Showcase of Bands and the Mummers' Parade.

I know the pride that is felt by every member of every band when you perform in front of people from all over Washington County. I know how determined band members are to put on a show that will make their schools proud.

I used to think that these feelings would go away once I graduated from high school. But they didn't, and I still feel them when I see a band perform.


Now, I wish I could go back for one last show just to feel the pride I felt when I was in a band.

To every band member in every band, I offer one piece of advice: Cherish the memories you make while in the band because, once that time is gone, you can't get it back. That is, unless you become a band director or are in your college band.

Music education is a good thing - and it gives you some good memories to hold on to throughout your life.

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