Mail call

January 20, 1997

  • "On Sunday morning at the 7-Eleven store I found out that there are truly kind and honest people in this world. My son laid his wallet down and walked away from it. He looked everywhere and a wonderful person walked up to him and handed it to him. She told him that she was a Christian woman. Well, she certainly was! I hope she reads this and knows that God will bless her. Thank her with all my heart for helping my son. God bless you."
  • "Now that the local welfare rolls have been reduced by 25 percent and statewide 22 percent I think it's time that we take a big look at the staffing of the Department of Social Services. In so much as the welfare rolls have been reduced 25 percent, it only logically follows that the staff there can be reduced by at least 25 percent. In addition, statewide the welfare rolls have been reduced by 22 percent, therefore statewide those involved in the administration of welfare could be reduced by 22 percent but this won't happen. Wait and see!"
  • "How can a person excuse and ignore the legal and ethical problems of the Clinton administration and the alleged felonies committed by Democrats in an effort to get Newt, have the guts to say anything about Gingrich's minor ethics problems? Where was your concern for ethics in November? Are you required to pledge to be a lying hypocrite to become a member of the Democratic party?"
  • "I'm a little concerned by the young boys who are selling drugs and drinking up on the corner of Winter and George Streets. The neighborhood has tried its best to get rid of them and we call the cops but they just come up and pull up and do nothing. So please, let's everyone get together and see what we can do about it. Let's get rid of these young boys and the drugs."
  • "To the caller in last Thursday's Mail Call. You can tell he never saw a Baltimore Ravens game this year. Even though their record wasn't the greatest, all their games were some of the most exciting football I've ever seen in my lifetime for I was there at Memorial Stadium and proud to have a team back in Baltimore and Maryland. And lay off the governor. This is some of the best economic development the state had in a long time that we can be proud of."
  • "I'd like to answer that person who said paper carriers are not serving the community. Maybe we're not serving the community but we are serving you and you must be one of those scrooges that never sees fit to give a paper carrier any tips. Have you ever figured out how much a paper carrier makes? And by the way, we have to pay for the plastic bags and rubber bands so please shut up your mouths and figure out something. And clean your sidewalks!"
  • "Please don't forget the animals during this very bitter cold snap we're having. How many times have you driven by a house and seen a lone dog house way in the back yard with a dog cowered inside? Please make sure you bring your animals at least inside the garage and shelter them from the wind and cold. So many people don't think of this very, very simple step. They hurry up and buy milk and bread for themselves but they don't worry about the poor animals that are out in the yard. Thanks so much."
  • "If anyone wants to have a good time in a wholesome atmosphere, call the Junior College and get involved in that basic chorus dancing. You can do it without a partner and if you're 60 and over it's only $20. It's at St. John's Lutheran Church and it's taught by Millie Shaw. It will be on Thursdays from 12:30 to 2 p.m. Again, if you want to come out and have a good time, get exercise and learn not to have two left feet like I do, call the Hagerstown Junior College. Twenty bucks, come out and join us."
  • "To the security guard at the Washington County Hospital that's leaving us to go to work at Columbia Gas. We would just like to wish you the very best and hope that you have a successful job there at Columbia Gas."
  • "Unless you are a house player, friend, etc., etc., you have no chance of winning at some of these bingo halls around the area. I enjoy playing bingo but I want a fair deal. Those computer operated bingos are won by the same people most of the time. I quit going to those bingos. Whoever is in charge of the gambling commission or whatever, should close these money stealing joints. Thank you."
  • "This goes out to the person who called in to say that paper carriers do not serve the community. Well, I have news for you. They do serve the community even if they are getting paid for it. And excuse me if I'm wrong but I bet you just sit down on your butt all day and wait to be serviced, too. All I have to say is, I hope that I don't deliver a paper to your door every day."
  • "Good morning. It's a quarter to seven and I want to thank PE for their quick response and good work in getting the lights on this morning which is Friday. Congratulations, good job PE workers. We know it's cold out there."
  • "Hello Mail Call. I have a question about parking. I live on a busy street where there is a lot of apartments. There is several apartment dwellers who have private off-street parking lots right at their back doors who will still always park on the street taking spaces away from the rest of us who need them because we don't have any place else to park. I'm just wondering if they're thoughtless, rude or totally ignorant? If someone has an explanation I'd like to hear it. And this has nothing to do with bad weather, this problem prevails all year round."
  • "This response is to those of you who felt that the police situation on I-70 on Monday night was handled poorly. I just want to tell you that I'm sorry that you were inconvenienced in getting home that night. I was inconvenienced, too. What I can't understand is why you feel that you have a right to comment on the situation that you really don't know the details about. You are right that it was a major inconvenience to many motorists. It was. But what you obviously don't realize is that the State Police were protecting you. You seem to be too narrow minded to see that. They were doing what they are paid to do. My husband is a police officer and was right up there at the scene. This man was armed and obviously disturbed. If that had been your son I guess you would have wanted the police to encourage him to shoot himself and get it over with so that the traffic wasn't affected. I heard a lot of comments that the police should just shoot this man and get it over with so that you could be on your way. Do you really have such low disregard for human life that your solution was just to shoot him? Shame on all of you who think this way. This man was armed! Don't you get it? If the police had allowed traffic to keep moving maybe you would have been the one that this man decided to take aim at. The police were protecting you. They were doing what they were paid to do."
  • "Yes. This is to all the whiners out there that are still whining about the presidential election. Well, I have news for you - Clinton won and although I hate to admit it, he did and you just need to quit whining about it because it's over and this is the way God wanted it to be. I voted for Dole and Kemp, too, but there's nothing we an do about it and aiming our anger and frustration at Mail Call will not change the election. Thank you."
  • "To the uninformed caller, Dr. King was born on Jan. 15, 1929 and we are celebrating his birthday in January, not his assassination. Thank you."

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