Mail call

January 20, 1997

  • "I just had the privilege of visiting the grand opening of the new Lowe's store on Wesel Boulevard and it's a beautiful store and a handyman's dream. My only suggestion to the manager is that there should be strategically placed benches throughout the store for people to rest from time to time because it is such a large area to cover."
  • "I just want to let everyone know that I will no longer buy The Daily Mail or The Morning Herald because of what they have on the front cover about the straight shooter being a big game hunter. There is no need to put that kind of article in there about killing animals. If you want to do that, why don't you put in on the inside section where no one really sees it? That's just a total disgrace. I will no longer buy it and I just wanted everyone to know that."
  • "This is to the police officer that harassed me tonight. I was abiding by the law and you had no business sticking your nose into my business. I do not appreciate it and if that is all you can do with your job, I think you need to find a new profession because I'm sure a lot of people have been harassed by you and it's not very nice."
  • "This is to the caller in Monday's paper about the boys standing on the corner of George and Winter streets. I'm very concerned also. I walked my mother home from work one night and we were nearly jumped but the boys saw us turn around and said nothing. I'm afraid for my life and I wish that something could be done about this."
  • "I'm calling about the person concerned about the boys selling drugs and drinking on the corner of George and Winter streets. Why don't these people in Hagerstown worry about people in the projects selling dope and just not on George and Winter? Thank you."
  • "Bill Clinton sworn in for a second term. God help us!"
  • "Good morning. As I look in the paper I see 8 or 10 inches for type for one Mail Call and this one is my ninth Mail Call in a row and still haven't gotten published. This morning my thought is, as we hear that various medical technology companies are landing in Frederick County and they're having to compete with Virginia and Montgomery County, I'm wondering why we never get any in Washington County? Maybe the commissioners should ask this same question."
  • "I think it was really a sin and a shame to spend all of those millions of dollars for this inauguration. I can understand having a big hoopla maybe the first time around but for the second time, I think that people would really have admired our president more if he would have said, 'No, we're not going to spend all this money on this inauguration affair. Let's donate some of it to the homeless, to educate the poor, to balance the budget,' something along those lines. I just cannot understand our country throwing away so much money on something like this and no, I'm not a Democrat, no, I'm not a Republican. I'm an independent."
  • "This is something that really concerns me and I need to say something about it. Why are so many children being put into foster care? I saw a young girl yesterday that I know and she and her sister and brother all are in foster care. The foster care mother also had two other children in her care. It's amazing at how many kids you talk to today and of those that will tell you they're in foster care. Why? What's wrong with the parents of today that they need to have their children removed from the home and placed somewhere else? This is just something that I cannot understand and would really like to have it explained to me. Why all these kids are in foster care and who's paying for all their care? Yes, I know it's the taxpayers but why? What responsibilities to these parents have once the kids are removed from their homes? Why don't they have to pay for their support and care? What's wrong with today's parents?"

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