Mail call

January 17, 1997

  • "I can think of two good reasons not to allow beepers in schools and I'm not even an educator. Beepers are standard equipment for drug dealers so unless your kid is selling drugs there is one reason not to allow them. No. 2, if you need to contact your kid, call the front office. A beeper going off in class interrupts the whole class' education and besides, how does the teacher know if it's a parent and not a friend? If some of you parents would be more concerned with your kid's education and character than you are with beepers, cell phones, $100 sneakers and all the rest of this useless junk that your kids demand, we would all be a lot better off."
  • "I would just like to thank the gentleman who helped push my van off the ice Tuesday on Potomac Avenue in front of Something Special. I really appreciated it. Thanks."
  • "About public service vehicles being parked at strange places. What about the City Police cruiser that pulls up at the gas station on the Dual Highway and Eastern Boulevard and snuggles up to the pay phone there for long periods of time after dark and what about the Maryland State Police cruiser that parks in no parking zones while they go work out at the YMCA? They're off duty are they not?"
  • "I would like to air my anger and get tough with the judge that gave probation to the man that starved, abused and neglected those beautiful horses in Sharpsburg, They are human beings just like we are and they have feelings, too. If you have trouble with making strong sentences then you had better give it up judge. The least that man should have gotten would have been 10 years in prison and to me that's getting off easy."
  • "In reference to the article in the paper this morning Jan. 13, it seems that there is a new church in Frederick called The Free Catholic Church which admits homosexuals as members and ordaining priests. That's fine if this is their belief. The word Catholic they could leave out of it. I do not want my church to be involved or associated with anything so disgraceful and immoral, so please remove Catholic from this."
  • "I would like to know why when John F. Kennedy was assassinated that they didn't make this day a holiday but yet they made a holiday for Martin Luther King? President Kennedy was higher up than King."
  • "Since welfare rolls have been reduced by 22 percent in Maryland has the number of welfare employees been reduced?"
  • "This is to all the people with ads and Introductions and also all the other lonely people looking for friends. Why not try the Tri-State Singles? We are a very nice, friendly group of men and women ages 25 to 85."
  • "The residents in the East End of Hagerstown on Liberty Street would like to have the courtesy that everyone else in Hagerstown receives by having salt put down on our streets and by having our snow removed. I don't feel that this is asking too much."
  • "About the raise for the mayor and council of Williamsport. Why not let the voters decide? We have an election coming up shortly so put it on the ballot. Thank you. Old Timer. I love Mail Call."
  • "To the caller complaining about black history month, the black entertainment channel and the United Negro College Fund. Are these symbols of white slavery like the Confederate flag is a symbol of black slavery? I think not. There are much more all-white organizations than black or minority ones. So what's your point besides the shape of your head or your lack of brains?"
  • "If we allow these radical conservatives to take over our minds what will be next?"
  • "For the second day in a row Mail Call has an article about Newt Gingrich written by Democrats who claim to be Republicans. Funny, I haven't seen one article about William Jefferson Clinton who has enough charges on file to fill all the space allotted to Mail Call. Having just returned from a trip to London, I can tell you that the scandal sheets all over Europe are filled of scandal about Bill and Paula and Hillary and Vincent Foster. You say you don't care what they print and I say to you Democrats that you are a bunch of hypocrites especially the women who voted for Bubba. I feel sorry for Chelsea who has to endure this with her friends at school. I have lived through 10 presidents and this president is by far the most scandalous to ever occupy the office."
  • "To my BooBear. Happy birthday and I love you. From R&R."
  • "To R.C. You are a beautiful woman and have a great 32nd birthday and get better each year. From K.C."
  • "I'm getting tired of seeing the sign on the new Clock Tower Building stating that offices will be open in the fall of '96. That's been over for some time and those offices are still not even finished. Way to go Hagerstown. Another accomplishment done on time."
  • "It's amazing that our honorable Mayor Steve Sager has suckered the taxpayers once again and conned everybody. He's been going on for years about his full-time mayor's position to the point where it should pay $28,000 a year. Now that he's filed for re-election he's letting everyone know that he's going to get $28,000 for his part-time job, he's going to do it part-time. Go out and get another job - really smart Steve. But I don't think that the taxpayers are that dumb. Send him out to pasture and let him go to work full-time and get a real job."
  • "To the Mayor and Council of Hagerstown. If you think you're going to get your monkey off your backside, taking advantage of the taxpayers again, it's got to come to a stop. These people cannot get rid of this money and have no answer for it and then think that the first thing that can do is go and raise the taxes on us poor people. It's not right, it's not fair and I think it's time for us all to speak out and do something about it. They got away with it in the county but by God they're not gonna get away with it in the city."
  • "Yes. I think that these two-hour delays and early closings are rapidly becoming an overused gimmick. For every three used, that's six hours, a full day of school should be made up."
  • "Thumbs down to America Online for making their rates unlimited use monthly for a flat fee of $19.95. Now users are flocking to get in there and download junk and talk about junk rather than serious users getting in there to use it for efficient means because all the phone lines are busy."
  • "A Democratic congressman complaining about Newt Gingrich getting away with ethics violations is like O.J. complaining about Fred Goldman getting away with his car parked in a no parking zone."
  • "Now let me get this straight. Individuals who are opposed to abortion cherish the sanctity of human life and yet they bomb clinics and potentially maim and kill innocent human beings. Does that make any sense to you?"

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