Artz rezoning request withdrawn temporarily

January 17, 1997


Staff Writer

An attempt to rezone a 612-acre farm near the future Downsville Pike-Interstate 70 interchange has been withdrawn temporarily, officials said.

"We want to get some input from Pleasant View Heights residents," said William C. Wantz, an attorney representing the applicants.

Wantz said the applicants would work to avoid conflicts with neighbors of the property, some of whom have criticized the proposed rezoning.

Wantz said the rezoning request might be refiled by Feb. 3.

Larry B. Artz and Frank M. Artz filed the original rezoning request last year. They have a contract to sell the property to Orion Development Corp. of Columbia, Wantz said.


The request sought to change the zoning from agricultural to rural residential for 145 acres and to Highway Interchange 1 for 467 acres. The highway interchange designation would permit a variety of heavy commercial and light industrial uses, from shopping centers to manufacturers. The rural residential designation allows up to two housing units per acre. Part of the property is in the county's urban growth area, which allows rural residential development of 2.9 units per acre.

Wantz said the rezoning request might be altered before being refiled.

Wantz said the property, which is slightly smaller in size than Fort Ritchie, should be used for economic development because it has access to high-capacity water and sewer lines, a Norfolk Southern rail line and the interstate, and is adjacent to a planned Allegheny Power technology park.

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