Boys admit to house rampage

January 16, 1997


Staff Writer

Two boys, now ages 9 and 11, admitted in Washington County Juvenile Court Wednesday that they caused nearly $20,000 damage to a house under construction on Linwood Road in Halfway last October.

"What you did to this family is inexcusable," said Judge John H. McDowell after hearing the evidence and viewing pictures of the damage.

The judge delayed disposition and allowed both boys to remain at home until then.

The mothers of both boys told the judge their sons have been under "house arrest" since the incident.

When Washington County sheriff's deputies went to the 1147 Linwood Road home shortly after 8 p.m. on Oct. 6 they found the following:

  • More than a dozen windows in the home were broken.
  • Drywall inside the house had been smashed with a baseball bat.
  • Mirrors throughout the house were smashed, also with a baseball bat.

The investigation revealed the two boys arrived at the house earlier in the evening and were seen by the homeowner who had been there working on his property.

Shortly before 8 p.m., after the homeowner left, the pair stood outside and threw mud balls through the windows, deputies said.

Then they went into the house and began smashing the drywall with baseball bats, deputies said.

Because of the extensive damage, the family was unable to move into their new home for another month.

Expenses incurred during that month and the $250 deductible on the homeowners' insurance coverage will be considered at a restitution/disposition hearing to be held in about a month.

Both boys admitted to one count of malicious destruction of property in court Wednesday.

The day the boys were apprehended, the younger boy first said he didn't go inside. He later admitted he did go inside and participated in the rampage.

"The older boy first said he couldn't remember anything," said Assistant State's Attorney Susan Lochbaum. Later, that boy's father told him to tell the truth and he did.

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