Boonsboro considers recycling program

January 14, 1997


Staff Writer

BOONSBORO - About a dozen Boonsboro residents heard a pitch for a curbside recycling program Monday night.

Before making a decision, though, Mayor Charles "Skip" Kauffman and several council members said they want to hear more from residents. They said they will send questionnaires to 880 Boonsboro homes at the end of March.

If response is favorable - as it generally was on Monday - Kauffman said residents could see the service this summer.

"I'd like to hear what the majority feel," he said.

The town's Economic Development Committee, which has been studying the possibility, has come up with three options:

  • Once a week service to include trash and recyclables provided by one truck. It would cost $8.88 per house per month.
  • Trash once a week and recycling once a week. The service would be provided by two trucks on two days. Cost would be $9.55 per house per month.
  • Trash twice a week and recycling once a week. The cost would be $10.89 per house per month.

Residents now have trash collection twice a week costing $8.47 per house per month. Residents pay about $2 for the service, with the rest of the cost being picked up by the town, officials said.


Kauffman said he was leaning toward the third plan since residents have grown accustomed to twice-weekly trash pickups. But he added that he would abide by the wishes of community.

Waste Management of Shenandoah Valley, which picks up the town's trash, has offered to add recycling collections as well. EDC Chairman Jack W. Slick said the company offered the best bid.

Some town residents questioned the cost and the need of recycling collections. But others praised the idea as overdue.

Joe Swope, a town resident and an environmental activist, said it could actually save money in the long run.

Hagerstown and Williamsport are the only municipalities in Washington County that now have curbside recycling programs.

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