Thumbs up, thumbs down

January 09, 1997

To all the road crews and fire/rescue personnel who labored to keep Tri-state residents safe after the season's first snowfall. Thanks for helping us get through this inconvenient stuff.

To North Hagerstown High teacher Diane Telemko, for helping students earn their community service requirements by visiting residents at the Coffman nursing home. The visits opened their eyes, which is just what the law intended.

To District Judge Fred Bower, for giving a Sharpsburg man convicted in an animal cruelty case probation before judgment. The judge, we're sure, hasn't gone without adequate food lately.

To the Washington County Lions and Lioness Clubs, for putting together a relief effort for Dawn Shank, who lost many of her possessions after an auto service garage below her apartment exploded.


To the U.S. Supreme Court, for ruling that judges can punish people in multiple-count cases for conduct for which they were found not guilty! The verdict means nothing?

To Bob and Ann Backer, who came to a meeting on a proposed public bus route in Waynesboro, Pa. and announced they have purchased their own bus and want to run the same route. Everybody has dreams, but is this realistic?

To Waynesboro Council President Kinney Stouffer, for 25 years of service to the borough, and his advice that successors keep their personal agendas and community service separate.

To the late Ed Keesecker, chief of the South Berkeley Fire Co., who joined the fire service at age 16. His strategy for putting out a 10-acre tire fire in 1993 resulted in a job that could've taken weeks getting done in 36 hours.

To former U.S. Bureau of Land Management employees, who used a program designed to get people to adopt wild horses to send the animals to the slaughterhouse. Shame on you.

To Washington County Fire/Rescue President Jay Grimes, for bringing in a National Fire Academy official to run a meeting between county officials and volunteers. Sometimes a new face can promote progress.

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