Boy gets bike after accident

December 05, 1996


Staff Writer

Justin Durbin was delivering his newspapers along South Potomac Street Monday afternoon when he rode behind a car that was pulling out of the parking lot of Keefauver Cleaners at 1096 S. Potomac St.

That close encounter with disaster left several lasting impressions on the 10-year-old youngster.

"I know I need to wear my helmet and ride on the right side of the road now,'' said Justin, who suffered some bumps and bruises and a chipped tooth.

But one good thing did come out of the incident.

Seeing the boy's mangled bicycle, Linda and Jeff Grimm, the owners of Keefauver's, decided to buy him a new one. They also got him a new coat because his old one was stained with blood.


"I was impressed with how he handled himself that afternoon,'' said Linda Grimm. "He came inside the store and asked us to call 911.''

Justin said he learned that at Children's Village of Washington County.

"We didn't know him before the accident,'' said Jeff Grimm. "We'd just see him riding by, delivering his papers.''

Store employee Shirley Knode said she was at the front counter when the accident happened.

"I heard a scraping sound and I looked out,'' Knode said. "I didn't see anything at first and then Justin came running in from behind a car.''

Trooper 1st Class Russ Plante of the Maryland State Police didn't charge the woman driving the car that backed out and hit Justin.

"Justin was riding on the wrong side,'' Plante said. "And he didn't have a helmet on.''

Justin is the son of Angie and Robert Durbin, of 1323 Jay Drive. He is a student at Emma K. Doub Elementary School.

Despite his injuries, Justin didn't miss a single day delivering his newspapers.

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