Teen gets probation for false rape report

December 04, 1996


Staff Writer

A 14-year-old Hagerstown girl - pregnant by the youth she once accused of rape - was placed on indefinite supervised probation Wednesday and ordered into parenting classes.

The girl was charged with making a false report of a crime after she admitted she lied when she told police her 17-year-old boyfriend raped her last summer.

Wednesday, Washington County Circuit Judge John H. McDowell also told the girl to have no unexcused absences in school and get into counseling.


School officials told McDowell the girl is failing all her classes and has missed 35 days so far this year. And there were also reports of discipline problems and no motivation shown toward classwork.

"She'll have to grow up quickly in order to be a good mom,'' said her attorney, David Littrell.

At an October hearing, prosecutors said the girl came to Hagerstown City Police July 6 and told Off. Dave Long that her boyfriend had raped her in a car June 23.

She gave a lot of details in her statement to Long, saying her boyfriend forced her to have sexual intercourse in a car, prosecutors said.

Later, the girl came back to Long and asked him to stop the investigation but the officer told her he had already given the case to Det. Steve Hoover, prosecutors said.

Under questioning by Hoover, the girl admitted the sex was consentual.

She told Hoover that she reported it as rape because her boyfriend was telling everyone they had sex and she wanted to get back at him, prosecutors said.

In October, she admitted in court that he was the father of her unborn child.

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