Some to get sewer hookup refunds

December 04, 1996


Staff Writer

Washington County Water and Sewer Department customers who connected after July 1 or who live in the Pangborn West area will receive about a $1,000 refund in their sewer connection fees.

The Washington County Commissioners voted Tuesday to set a uniform sewer allocation fee for those hooking up to the county's water and sewer.

Before, the rates varied by different subdistricts.

On Tuesday, the commissioners set a fee of $2,750 for public water and sewer connections and a $2,050 fee for connections just to the county's public sewer, according to the resolution passed Tuesday.


Connection fees charged by another government entity are in addition to the base fee so residents who connect to Hagerstown water but the county's sewer will pay the amount charged by the city, currently $700 and the county $2,050.

Residents who hooked up to the county's water and sewer since July 1 will receive a rebate if they paid more than the uniform rate set Tuesday, commissioners said.

The residents of Pangborn West, a subdivision off Jefferson Boulevard, also will receive the rebate since they were charged a higher amount.

About 113 residents in the Pangborn West area and 104 residents in the Cavetown area paid $3,750 to hook up to their new sewer systems, according to county officials.

Washington County Commissioners President Gregory I. Snook asked the county attorney, Richard Douglas, how the July 1 date was selected.

Douglas said that the date was when the other county water and sewer subdistricts went under a uniform rate structure.

Washington County Commissioner Ronald L. Bowers said he was concerned that homeowners would build in areas covered by the City of Hagerstown where the connection fees are lower.

He said growth will occur in areas where the roads, schools and sewer pumping stations cannot handle it because of the lower hookup rates.

Bowers also said that growth is needed in areas that would be served by the county's Conococheague sewer plant.

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