Brownies help SPCA

November 23, 1996


Staff Writer

Erin Weatherly is one 8-year-old who knows how important it is to care for a pet.

"Our dog, Maggie, got hit by a car and we took her to a veterinarian,'' Erin said. "Now she is all better.''

Erin shared that mature viewpoint Saturday while she and her fellow Brownies from Troop 261 spent several hours helping the Washington County SPCA try to find homes for its dogs and cats.

The troop from Old Forge Elementary School brought items they had collected to donate to the shelter as part of Nickelodeon's The Big Help program.


Those included pet food, newspapers, blankets and treats.

The scouts started their day at Lisa Morrissette's house on the SPCA grounds. Morrissette, an SPCA staffer, organized the events.

The volunteers helped clean up the shelter and made posters and murals to show the plight of homeless animals and how they can be helped.

"I want people to know that animals need food, water and care,'' said Becky Rishell, 7.

She and friend Emily Burger, 8, wrote a list of animal needs on the chalkboard, which is on the wall of the shelter's dog kennels.

Later, the girls - and a couple of brothers - made fancy new name cards for the pet of their choice at the shelter.

Each child got to name the animal and design the card so someone might want to adopt that pet and take it home with them.

"I'm always glad to see young people getting involved here,'' said SPCA director Shelly Moore.

If they learn the importance of proper pet care, including spaying and neutering, Moore said it will make her job a lot easier in the future.

And more dogs and cats will live in good homes instead of being euthanized because there are too many of them, Moore said.

Last year, more than five million kids pledged 54 million hours of time to The Big Help.

Kids in Hagerstown joined in for the first time this year.

The Washington County SPCA is located on Maugansville Road.

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