No tax hike seen in Greencastle

November 22, 1996


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Greencastle's preliminary $825,580 1997 budget shows a deficit of more than $150,000, an amount equal to about 14 mills of property tax.

One mill equals $1 in tax for every $1,000 in assessed property value.

But Borough Manager Kenneth Myers said that doesn't mean tax increases will be needed.

Myers said that in recent years the borough has not spent as much as it has budgeted and has received additional tax revenue. This year, for instance, the budget had a $125,000 deficit, but because the borough didn't spend as much as it had budgeted, a net surplus of more than $100,000 is expected.

Myers also noted that the town's reserves are greater than $400,000, providing a buffer against taxes.

Among items budgeted to increase substantially is road maintenance, slated to jump to $40,000 from a projected $11,625 this year. The borough plans to use the extra money to try a new surfacing treatment that may extend the life of roads several years, Myers said. South Ridge Avenue and possibly parts of Madison Avenue could get the new treatment, he said.


Also set to jump is snow removal money. Because of this year's record storms, snow costs ballooned to a projected $30,175 this year, up from $9,130 spent in 1995. The borough budgeted $27,200 for next year, which gives the borough a cushion, Myers said.

Also, parking meters are expected to bring in $20,000, more than double the take this year, because of higher parking rates.

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