In glitch, some hunters get permits for 2 does

November 19, 1996


Staff Writer

Some Western Maryland hunters have received more than one permit to shoot anterless deer because of a computer glitch, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

Patty Manown, a DNR spokeswoman, said about 20 hunters have called within the last week to say they got two permits. Maryland law prohibits hunters from killing more than one doe each season, which this year runs from Nov. 30 to Dec. 14.

Manown said department officials have no way of knowing how many extra permits have been issued, but she said the mistake was confined to four counties in Western Maryland, including Washington and Frederick counties.


"It was a technical problem," Manown said. "All that they can figure was it was a computer glitch."

Lt. Donald Simmons, a Maryland Natural Resources Police officer stationed in Allegany County, Md., said the law limits hunters to one doe per season.

"Just because they have two deer permits doesn't mean they can shoot two deer," he said. "This glitch does not allow them to take an extra deer."

Since hunters must tag deer at designated stations within 24 hours of their kills, Simmons said it will be easy to catch hunters who bag more than one anterless deer. If a hunter records kills at two stations, records eventually will be checked and matched, he said.

Simmons said wildlife officials would consider each incident on a case-by-case basis, and probably would charge the violator with exceeding the bag limit. The penalty carries a $350 fine.

Manown said state officials issue anterless deer permits in order to control the female deer population. The number varies from year to year, depending on the size of the deer population.

Manown said 11,190 permits were to have been issued this year compared with 6,585 last year. She said even if a large number of hunters bagged more than one doe, it would not do significant damage to the deer population.

"We don't feel it's alarming at this time," she said.

Manown asked any hunter who has received an extra permit to send it to: DNR Wildlife Office; Room 110; 3 Pershing St., Cumberland, Md., 21502.

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